We at Alfred wanted to say a HUUUUGGE thank you to all you lovely people who came out on Saturday to celebrate our Birthday with us.

It was a fantastic day here with a great turnout all day long from local businesses and some familiar faces, both past and present.  It just reminded us how much we appreciate the community of Meanwood and our lovely fellow Meanwood workers, as well as our great regulars and our amazing ex staff.

The outstanding cake from A Slice of Home Leeds (inspired by North Bars staffs love for Greggs) went down an absolute treat – so apologies if you came in later and missed it!

The bar was full of good vibes and decorated perfectly with balloons, bunting, sweets and party blowers for a big old celebration.

Thanks to Ellen for the amazing photos capturing the night and judging ‘Pin the Sputnik on Hugo’!

We can’t wait for the DECADE next year already!

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