Atomium!!! 20.9.14 Cornucopia Underground at Leeds Corn Exchange

Atomium’s third outing is to be held for one day and night only at Leeds Corn Exchange for the cornucopia underground event, led by Leeds Food and Drink association on the 20th of September.

Think North bar meets Fallout meets The Day the Earth stood still! For this time round Atomium will be open from 1pm and serving Afternoon Tea cocktails from 3pm.

Expect exciting twists on classics, unusual ingredients and of course a liberal smattering of the Craft beer that North bar is famous for. Bloody Mary reduced to it’s very essence; boiled sweets and beets and IPA; coffee, roses and coriander; bourbon and bacon; perversions of cucumber; marmalade on toast and a special negroni are among the libations on offer for this one off event.

Tickets are priced at £25 per sitting and the bar will be open to the general public from 6pm-12am with a night of wide ranging, adventurous & strictly inclusive music from Leeds’ Social Schemata crew, purveyors of contemporary slop and post charity shop esoterica!! Global audio, hip hop beats, reggae, dub, electronica and all points in between & beyond.


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