Bike maintenance kit in all our bars!

It’s all getting a bit bikey in Leeds at the mo! What with the Grand Depart from Leeds on the 5th of July, North bar being permanently full of bikes and riders and loads of our staff cycling to and from work we figured it was a good idea to lend a hand.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with our pals at Edinburgh Cycle Co-op to provide a few basics as standard across the North family… Track pumps, puncture repair equipment and multi tools are available over the bar to deal with running repairs or just to keep your pressure right! Of course we’re pretty serious about low alcohol beers and soft drinks too. Erdinger Alkoholfrei is stocked in all our bars and whilst tasting a zillion times better than most low/no abv beers it’s also regarded as a refreshing isotonic recovery drink and Erdinger are really involved in supporting sport on all levels. It’s also a dead good booze replacement for anyone on the wagon or up the duff!!

Of course there’s also a really, really good & brand new seasonal espresso blend pouring in all our bars for Spring, after the success of our last 100% ethiopian blend collaboration with Laynes espresso we’ve changed it up a bit and gone for two Panamanian beans; Finca Lerida and Café Kotowa ‘wine’ plus Finca La Cascada from Columbia and a brand new micro lot Indian bean – Araku. Overall the blend is is full bodied, spicy and chocolatey it’s balanced but carries a hint of berry fruits and grape acidity. Roasted to order by our pal Damian from Bewleys roastery in Meltham, Holmfirth on his special small batch Loring roaster!

Course there’s a full range of soft drinks and plenty other of low/no abv beer options too, we also sell beer in 1/3 and 2/3 measures of course and we’ll happily fill up take away cartons, your own bottles or whatever with beer or indeed water if you want to take away and drink at home. So if you get stuck and you’re in our area then spin by and say hello!



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