Company Info

Northbar opened in 1997 on New Briggate in Leeds. Why did we open a bar? Because we wanted somewhere ace to drink. At the time Leeds was a bar desert.

We opened with a draught selection including Kronenbourg, Beamish Red, Guinness and Fosters… However, we cared passionately about our customers, that hasn’t changed. Fortunately the drinks have.

The Chimays and Duvel inspired us to stock better drinks. Anchor Liberty Ale inspired us to stock American beers. The first draught Erdinger, Sierra Nevada, Brooklyn Lager in the UK were all poured first at North.

Over the last 16 years we’ve found it difficult to explain what North Bar is and what North Bar does. We still find it strange to describe Northbar as a company or a brand. Having 6 bars has turned us into a ‘brand’ or a ‘group’.

We believe that our bars are living, breathing ‘things’, the customers play a massive part in that.

Our values are built on the values of our customers and what they want. The best service, products, atmosphere and place. It’s the staff who work passionately to make it work and the customers who breathe life into it.

We’ve had our ups and downs, made far too many mistakes (we’ve learnt from them) but we’re proud of what we are, what we do, how we do it and our role in the communities we operate in.

We put together th infographic below – ‘Northbar Ltd – A Pint of Beer’, to help illustrate how we work and we thought we’d share it with the people we are working for: you.


John Gyngell & Christian Townsley – the directors.

Company number; 04417652

Vat no. 686765273