Leeds Beer Week 2017: De Struise Tasting (30th August)

As part of Leeds Beer Week 2017, North Bar presents…


In 2008, a group of men from Vleteren, Belgium, were voted the world’s best brewers by RateBeer.com.

Today, visitors to the village of Oostvleteren can swing by their brewery and taste the beer on site at the brewery which is housed in an old school building.

Outside of that, the beers are incredibly hard to come by, even in Belgium. That’s why we’re so excited to be offering an immense tasting evening, and you should be too….


Pannepot is a term that describes the Fishing Boats from the village of De Panne. It’s also the name of a strong, dark ale brewed by De Struise. Aged over five years, Pannepot is full of delightfully complex flavours.

Join us for a chance to taste Pannepot entries from 2012, 2014, 2016, and a few other fantastic offerings from the De Struise brewery, including….


Originally intended as a series of 12 beers, the range has since expanded. North Bar will be offering the second edition of BD beers, numbers 13 through to 24, in third-pint tasters….

“The rules are simple: every Black Damnation beer has to contain at least 50% of Black Albert (13% abv… thick, tar-like, syrupy… Get tattooed from the inside), or one of its barrel-aged variants. Other than that: anything goes.”

Tell us more……

“We’ve aged it on bourbon, whisky and rum. We’ve applied the Eisbock technique to bring it up to 39% alcohol. We’ve used the water run-off and dry-hopped it for a quaffable 2% entry. We added peaches, coffee beans and blackberries. In short: we’ve put it through its paces and we’ll continue to do so. That is: until we run out of ideas. Like that’ll ever happen.”

Here’s what we’ll have for you to try on the night….

Struise Black Damnation XIII – AKA More Anger RIS. Black Albert Glenmorangie BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XIV – AKA Talisman RIS. Black Albert Talisker BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XIX – AKA Meastro. Black Albert Havanna Rum BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XV – AKA Drone RIS. Black Albert Glendronach BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XVI – AKA Ivan The Terrible RIS. Black Albert Glen Livet BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XVIII – AKA Major Tom. Black Albert Glen Grant BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XX – AKA Ma Boule. Black Albert Calvados BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XXI – AKA Black Mes Senior. Black Albert Coal Ila & Lagavulin BA BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XXII – AKA Willy. Black Albert Clynelish Wilson & Morgan BA BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XXIII – AKA Hollow. Black Albert Lagavulin BA BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XXIV – AKA Black Nuts. Black Albert Ardbeg BA BA 13%
Struise Black Damnation XXIV – AKA Octopussy. Black Albert Octomore BA BA 13%

Excited yet? Thought so.

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