Did someone say Zwanze Day? |North Bar

World famous brewers and all time favourites of ours Brasserie Cantillon have announced their bar list for Zwanze Day 2016 (1st October 2016) for the exclusive release of this year’s Cantillon Framboise. Out of around fifty bars celebrating the day across the globe, North Bar are ONE of three places to be stocking it in the UK, we couldn’t be happier to have a keg of this ultra-rare shiny beer. Cantillon will also be supplying us with not one, not two, but THREE extra beers… so even if you don’t get a taste of the good stuff, you can still get a taste for something equally (okay maybe not equal) but almost as delicious 😉

Zwanze day is a celebration of Belgian beer culture, with Brasserie Cantillon releasing a special beer on the same day every year to be tapped simultaneously in different cities. Ordinarily there are a very limited numbers of kegs shipped off around the world for beer drinkers to enjoy, and this year isn’t any different. It’s Ultra-rare, and the beer will be on a first come first serve basis.

There will be an exclusive art exhibition showcasing local Leeds’ artists take on a Zwanze Day 2016 – these prints will be available to purchase on the day.  Keep a look out for the local designers work, as it’s all TIP TOP!

Cantillon have hopped on the nostalgia train and are revisiting an old blend from the 90’s to bring you this year’s Framboise. Company owner Jean-Pierre van Roy says “For Zwanze 2016, I wanted to do a bit of a throwback and revisit one of these old blends. Since the intensity of today’s Rosé de Gambrinus approaches that of the Kriek, the additions of cherries to the raspberries no longer seemed necessary” she notes “Instead, we had to turn to a fruit that would bring more intense color and flavor sufficient to stand out. My choice was to bring in the blueberries that we’ve used for the last ten years to create our Blåbær”


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