Le Tour!! 5.7.14 to 27.7.14


After years of showing the Tour De France on the telly at North, having a big picture of Eddie Merckx hanging in the bar for ages and on Norths Facebook avatar, they’re finally coming to town!!

We’re not right keen on tellies in pubs,  it’s indisputable that they are conversation killers, without something brilliant on that everyone is interested in and a bit of thought from  the landlord they’ll rob  the atmosphere of the pub too! We find it really horrid to visit a pub and find ourselves or indeed whoever we’re drinking with drifting off and setting their gaze on some inconsequential kickabout  or, worse the flashing lights of a gambling machine.

BUT there are sporting events and occasions that warrant a telly in our bar – Le Tour is one, the World Cup is another. We showed the Olympics because it was in the UK and it was ace. Whenever we do put on the telly we try to make it unobtrusive and offer areas where you can drink and ignore it if you’re really not interested. You know when you’re on holiday somewhere a bit fruity and the telly is on in the corner – that.

The Tour De France is just ace; romantic, beautiful, satisfyingly difficult and manages to be both hypnotic and exciting – especially now we have people competing who are good at it. We’re dead excited for the Grand Depart in Leeds and we’re really looking forward to an amazing weekend (although they got the route ever so slightly wrong)  but after the show moves out of town and Leeds has has it’s 15 minutes we’ll be showing the rest in all our bars just because we love it.

The Tour De France will be showing in North and The Cross Keys every day from the 5th to the 27th Of July. In Alfred, Preston, North Social and Further North the highlights will be shown on weekday evenings and the full event Friday-Sunday. Also remember that we have basic bike maintenance kit in all our bars and stock a comprehensive range of low and no ABV beers, soft drinks and dead good coffee too!!

On Saturday, we’ll be opening up North, Further North and Alfred that little bit earlier for aperitifs, breakfasts and take away coffee’s.

North will be open from 8am

Further North & Alfred from 9am

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