Managers head to Belgium…..

Two trips, all our managers, assistant managers and senior chefs…….wish us luck!!

Where did it all start?  Back in 1997 when North Bar opened we offered a limited range of pedestrian beer.  But we served it with what is best described as a continental style.  We did table service, had newspapers, offered espresso based drinks, displayed art on the walls….

Why Belgium? Our love affair with beer started shortly after opening North Bar with Belgian classics Duvel, Chimay, Orval, Hoegaarden, provided courtesy of James Clay Beer Importers.

James Clay took us to Belgium, we took inspiration and returned, tired and hungover.   And repeat….

The beer was helped down with a huge dose of ace bars……

Inspiration from bars like Cafe Central, and old classics such as A la Mort Subite have informed what we do over the years and continue to provide a blueprint for the future of our bars…

We’re going back to our roots, and we’re taking all of our managers and senior chefs with us.  We’re all visiting Gent and Brussels and sampling(!) loads of wonderful beers in great bars that offer the kind of service we do, in wonderful, relaxed environments.

For up to date shenanigans and updates on the move – @northbardrinks @briggatebeer  & @NorthbarChris

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Day 1 Ghent right here….


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