North Bar honours original Oktoberfest traditions!

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Seven Bavarian breweries (5 in Munich, 2 just outside)

Seven beautiful bars (5 in Leeds, 2 just outside)

Oktoberfest rules

In accordance with the strict rules which govern the annual celebrations in Munich, beer that is served in the official Oktoberfest tents must meet a specific set of criteria which dictates that all official Oktoberfestbier should be brewed within the city limits of Munich.

In a nod to these official regulations, the five North Bar venues which are located within Leeds will each be twinned with a different Munich-based brewery, while North Bar Harrogate and North Bar Social in Otley (both just outside of Leeds) will be matched up with two Bavarian breweries which sit just outside of the official Oktoberfest brewing zone, as follows:

North Bar (New Briggate, Leeds) Brewery: Hacker-Pschorr-Bräu
Alfred (Meanwood, Leeds) Brewery: Augustiner-Bräu
Preston (Oakwood) Brewery: Spatenbräu
The Cross Keys (Leeds, Water Lane) Brewery: Paulaner
Further North (Chapel Allerton) Brewery: Staatliches Hofbräu
North Bar Social (Otley) Brewery: Ayinger
North Bar Harrogate Brewery: Erdinger

History of the festivalNorth Bar’s Oktoberfest artwork (designed by award-winning illustrator Anwyn Beier) pays homage to a royal wedding which took place more than 200 years ago when the National Guard staged a horserace in Munich to celebrate the marriage of the Crown Prince of Bavaria in October 1810.

The event went on to become a much-loved annual tradition, drawing in bigger crowds every year on the anniversary of the wedding.

Although the actual horserace has not been run since 1936, the huge beer tents that were first erected on the site in 1896 now attract over 5 million people to the city of Munich every autumn.

Beer, Music and Snacks

Each of the seven North Bar venues will be decking their halls with traditional Oktoberfest bunting and flags from their respective twinned breweries, whilst playing German music and serving up bretzels served with smoked cheese.

The celebrations will run from 16th September to 3rd September 2017.

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