North Bar’s fundraising for Action Against Hunger off to a cracking start!

It’s time to check in on how our fundraising efforts for Action Against Hunger are getting on. We are over the moon to announce that so far we have raised £3176 to help support Action Against Hunger’s fight against global poverty.

Drinkers in each bar have been selflessly working their way through cask after cask of our Session Pale, feeling warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that 10p per pint is being donated directly to Action Against Hunger.

October saw John and Christian head off on a whirlwind trip to Bilbao. Alongside Bruce and Jack from Left Handed Giant, and Stefan from Track they challenged just how much fine wine, food and beer it was safe to consume before undertaking a half-marathon with varying levels of training behind them (looking at you Christian…).

In preparation for the trip North Brewing Co hosted Left Handed Giant, Track and Six Degrees North at the brewery where they brewed a 3.5% Small Stout. 25p from every can, and 10p from every pint went straight in the Action Against Hunger Fundraising pot.

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Keep an eye on the bars’ social media accounts for details of more fundraising exploits, and keep drinking those pints of Session Pale!

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