North Oktoberfest ’16 | For the Love of German Beer

YES! It’s finally that time of year again: the point in the year when beer stein sales peak, when table leg breakages go through the roof, and when lots of people forget that it’s kind of tacky and insensitive to wear “lederhosen” costumes (apart from our Cal at North Bar Leeds, obviously)

That’s right, it’s Oktoberfest!

From the 17th September to the 3rd October, we’ll be celebrating all things German beer in all our venues.

We’ll be brewing a fancy weiss beer with our friends at North Brewing Co, to celebrate the occasion which will be available at ALL of our sites.

We’ll also have food on at all sites in the form of pretzel boards & a selection of german cheese and bavarian meats, set up amongst mini beer halls (selected sites only) keep your eyes peeled, this is going to be a fun one!


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