North’s Sweet 16th


Another couple of years… Never mind eh. In the meantime we’re putting together a special party for our 16th Birthday with the help of some of our favourite people! On the first of July we’ll be releasing a three way collaboration beer with our friends from Partizan brewery and Laynes espresso. BLACK COFFEE IPA anyone?? Yes please!

We go back a long way with head brewer Andy Smith, he’s from Garforth don’t ya know, and he’s spent many an evening at North recovering from gruelling shifts as a chef in various Leeds sauna like kitchens. Having beeing a key player in the launch of Redemption brewery he’s now running one of the most interesting breweries in the beer hot house of London – Partizan. He’s putting out some brilliant & beautiful

Laynes espresso has been a real breath of fresh air for Leeds in the last couple of years, tip top service combined with interesting, ultra flavourful, top flight coffee is a winner for us. So much so that Laynes alongside independent roasters Bolling coffee have put together a 100% Ethiopian blend for all our bars – it’s incredibly good.

With all this and of course our not inconsiderable expertise we’re hoping for a stunning beer. Of course alongside that we’ll be having a big old party in and outdoors, weather permitting. BBQ, drinks – good times. Come and get happy with us on the 1st of July or indeed any time that weekend!!


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