And being celebrated across all of North’s bars! So dust off those lederhosen and raise a stein at one of these events!

Schneider Weisse Tap Takeover – 21st September

@ North Bar Leeds, Preston & North Bar Harrogate

We’re kicking off with a tap takeover from Schneider Weisse – Bavaria’s oldest wheat beer factory!

“Wheat beer is a synonym for Bavaria – but it not only stands for sociability and beer gardens, not only for hiking, outdoor sports and the bliss of summer days; it is much more than just light, dark or non-alcoholic. Wheat beer means joy of life, means happiness and contentment, it is a declaration of love to the moment: there is a special “Weisse” for every special moment – classic, extraordinary or noble.”

Schöfferhofer Klask Tournament – 28th September

@ Further North, Alfred & North Bar Social

Join us for a competition of Klask and for your chance to win a Schöfferhofer deck chair and a case of Schöfferhofer!

What is Klask?
The magnetic gameplay of Klask is unique, fun and like no other game out there! The player is in charge of the magnets from under the table. Both players try to score while trying to avoid the white barrier magnets in the middle of the game field.

To learn more click here!

Oktoberfest BBQ – 1st & 5th October

@ Cross Keys

We thought we’d stoke the barbie up one last time to bring you all the German BBQ you could need!
We’ll be stoking up the fire on Tuesday 1st and Sunday 5th October to bring you Bratwurst, Bockwurst, Vegwurst (yes, there will be a vegetarian option!) and sides, including (you guessed it) sauerkraut and pickles!

Why not wash it all down with a delicious German beer! We’ve got some of the best German Helles, Kolsch, Weissebier and Berliner Weisse you can find! Watch this space to find out what we’ll be pouring!
AND you get 20% off your first stein! Oh yeah!

Ayinger Tap Takeover – 2rd October

@North Bar, Further North, Alfred & North Bar Harrogate

To close the celebrations, Ayinger will be taking over the taps!

“Beer in Bavaria has had an exceptionally high value. It’s not just the proverbial ‘liquid bread’, but also the social ‘cement’ of their culture, in which values such as conviviality, community, honesty, reliability and solidarity within the homeland that plays a major role. The deep roots in our region, continuously deepened over generations, forms the nutrient base of the Ayinger Brewery.”


And if all those events weren’t enough for you, then we have a special Oktoberfest menu of beers coming to each of our bars!

Steins // Table Service // German Beer // Sausages // Lederhosen (optional)




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