PIE DAY = PIE WEEK 3-9 March!!

Pies are ace!

Wilson’s pies are the best and most award winningest pies in town and we’re going all out to celebrate pie from the 3rd to the 9th of March. Wilson’s are based just round the corner in Crossgates and have supplied our pork pies at North for yonks… Super crunchy, shiny pastry combined with the perfect ratio of pork to meaty jelly!!

All week we’ll be doing pie & a pint of our house ale; Prototype for £4 in the Cross Keys and North bar. There is much debate about how to adorn said pie – cold pie hot peas is best of course, but at the Cross Keys we make our own brown sauce and you might also find some pickled eggs if they haven’t all been gobbled up! Whatever – you know what to do x

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