Schlenkerla Tapping Event 5pm 10.10.13

Time for the post-Oktoberfest Oktoberfest party this Thursday 10.10.13…in true North style we’ve just managed to secure a freaking wooden barrel of Schlenkerla Märzen to put on the bar!

Get down at 5pm on Thursday for a chance to taste the beer from the barrel just as the brewer intended! We’ll be tapping the barrel using a brass handled tap which we’ve never done before either so there will undoubtedly be  someone covered in beer! We’ve also got a few bottles of our usual Oktoberfest stock left so stick around for a few before they’re all gone for another year!

Schlenkerla, one of the oldest brewpubs in Bamberg and is renown throughout the beery world for making some of the most intensely smoky beers out there. The Märzen weighing in at a decent 5.1% has a truly unique taste due to the malts being kilned over beech wood fires imparting a deep level of flavour which will take the uninitiated by surprise!

Schlenkerla Barrel

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