Social Schemata 5 – EASTER SUNDAY – 20.04.14

Social Schemata 5 – EASTER SUNDAY! 20.04.14

Well, what better way to make our Easter weekend go with a bang than hosting the one and only Social Schemata 5! Stalwarts of Leeds music Social Schemata (aka Ed Vector, Verdine Etoria and Souki Defoulcaulde Esterhazy and Guyan Paints) will be at the wheels of steel spinning all manner of contemporary slop and charity shop esoterica, here’s what Ed has to say about the event:


fifth in the irregular in the series of social gatherings focused around the audio delights of rotating pieces of plastic. yes vinyl recordings!

social schemata fuses the celebration of music & all that excites us about the culture of music & all that surrounds it.

the music selection is as eclectic as the beer, just heed our demand to abandon superficial listening …

‘splendid’ as one of our in laws said …

expect great tunes, questionnable dancing and a big ol’ party…WHEEEEE!!!!

Social Schemata 5

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