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New Art! Adam Ashley

Adam Ashley, 30, originally studied Graphic Design at Bradford College  before making the change to a life behind the camera lens. He has a great passion for photographing people and Landscapes. His style is a mix of contemporary and traditional, with a hint of humour, warmth and innovation. “I am passionate about the medium and my […]

June exhibition – Jordan Harrison

‘Species Of A Continuous Form Of Lucid Being’ is a shared non conscious delusion.  Its infinite and it is illusive. It will end and it is draped in lucidity.  It is dictated by nothing and inspired by everything.  Some wish to achieve it, some will never realise it.  Some can comprehend it, some will summon horns to […]

April exhibition – Kelly Boyle

Kelly Boyle is a Leeds based artist using ball point pens and acrylic paint to create unplanned, subconscious, self representations. Finding balance in contrast. Kelly’s exhibition runs for 6 weeks until the 12th of June. www.kellyboyle.co.uk