Tax Parity Day 25th Sept

All of our venues are joining the campaign for a lower VAT rate for the hospitality sector. Spearheaded by veteran campaigner Jacques Borel, the campaign aims to create jobs and stimulate growth in the increasingly important service sector.

Our venues will be getting involved in the Tax Parity Day on the 25th September. The day is designed to highlight that the UK’s hospitality businesses are paying 20% VAT on all sales, whereas the supermarkets pay virtually no VAT on food. For the day all products will be lowered in price by 7.5% to highlight the saving that will likely be passed on to customers if the campaign works…

“We’re convinced that drinking in a controlled, regulated environment is a much healthier scenario than drinking at home or ‘pre-loading’ before venturing out on the town but it’s very difficult to compete with incredibly cheap supermarkets who are able to sell alcohol as a loss leader due to their massive tax breaks in other areas.”

“What with punitive taxes on beer especially and all sorts of negative campaigning against pubs and bars it’s been a wonder that we’ve managed to grow our business during the recession. Joining this campaign highlights just how much of a difficult tax environment we have to work in.”

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