The Foodish Boy Returns 26.05.14

A year ago, one of our regulars, Alex Nazaruk, set off on an incredible journey around the world to do 52 different food jobs  in one year! This Thursday (29th May) sees’s Alex return to Chapel Allerton to complete his final job; pulling a pint behind the bar at Further North. Here is a introduction to his story…

1 Year. 5 Continents. 52 Food Jobs

The Story of One Boy’s Culinary Odyssey

 Imagine your incredulity at reading a CV that lists 52 different employers in the space of year. From Michelin-starred restaurants to fish and chip shops. From coffee farms in Brazil to tea plantations in Darjeeling. Farmer? Brewer? Butcher? Baker? Glancing at the career section, you may well wonder how someone with precious little professional cooking experience could end up working a new food job every week for a year. Yet believe it or not, this has been the story of 26-year-old Yorkshireman Alex Nazaruk since May 2013.

Alex Foodish

  Traveling west around the globe, across 23 countries Alex has worked right alongside some of the planet’s greatest chefs and food producers, all the while chronicling his adventure at

Alex’s journey has seen a remarkable catalogue of culinary challenges. Alex brewed sake in rural Japan with co-workers who spoke no English; cooked a 7-course taster menu in Iceland while the head chef enjoyed a night off; and joined a Los Angeles religious cult devoted to organic vegan food. Not to mention distilling in the town of Tequila, frog-slaughtering in Beijing, and cooking on the Orient Express to Machu Picchu.

Alex also cooked in no fewer than 5 of the  world’s 50 best restaurants including Nahm (Thailand), Central (Peru), Pujol (Mexico), Le Chateaubriand (Paris) and Quay (Australia).

As the project reaches a rapid conclusion one final job remains. Alex’s choice for the grand finale? Pulling a pint in his local, Further North! 51 jobs down. 1 to go… Cheers, I’ll drink to that!



We hope you’ll join us to welcome Alex back, and to hear more about his amazing trip!


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