Try something different |’Try January’ at North

January is the worst month. The evenings are dark, the weather is pants, and everyone’s miserable. Why choose to deny yourself a drink for the whole month (only to pummel your body with booze come February 1st) when you could take it easy but give something new a go?

Want to know a bit more about the Try January campaign? Here’s Jessica Mason from The Morning Advertiser, giving you a run-down of the initiative.

At North Bar, we’re channelling our #TryJanuary energy into… *drumroll*… Jenever January! (A-thankyow)

The Dutch/ Belgian spirit (similar to gin) is well overdue a renaissance here in the UK. In all sorts of flavours – including hazelnut, vanilla and melon – jenever is the perfect shot: refreshing, sophisticated, and proper tasty like.

We have a great range of jenevers on offer for the whole month, so why not come in and give it a go?

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