We’re finishing off US Beer Festival 2020 with a tap takeover from the giants that are KCBC!

After several years of honing their brewing skills in tiny apartments, at the American Brewers Guild in Vermont, and professionally at breweries across the city, they all independently came to the same conclusion: wouldn’t it be FRICKIN’ AWESOME to open a new brewery in NYC? Flash forward in time, and after various trials and tribulations (and many long drinking sessions together), they realised that if they combined their efforts, they could build a bigger, better, more badass brewery than if they each tried to do it alone. And thus: Kings County Brewers Collective (KCBC) was officially born.

To see this festival out we’ll be pouring:
Invasion of the Berrysnatchers – 5.1%
This bright & juicy sour is made with fresh jam & mixed berries. Balanced and crushable with a clean acidity on the finish. It’s just heaps of flavour & the perfect place to start when bringing KCBC back to North after our UK launch with them last year.

Light the Lightning – 9%
Impy stout! Impy stout! Impy stout! This big ol’ drink is brewed with a balanced blend of Columbian and Honduran coffee beans, selected and roasted by NYC’s Spectrum Coffees. Rich mocha, rich cacao & chocolatey rye complete the silky-smooth mouthfeel of this winner.

Pure Idaho – 6.6%
Lead brewer Bobby (aka “Boss Tater”) spent the better part of his youth in Idaho—which explains a lot, including this beer. Hopped exclusively with Idaho 7 and Idaho Gem for aromas and flavors of cherry limeade and candied pineapple (basically, a roll of Life Savers)*, with Idaho-grown pilsner malt and Idaho flaked potatoes for the base. Light, pithy PNW bitterness on the finish.

*we think Life Savers are basically America’s version of Fruit Polos?? Please help us out, KCBC.

Savage Crush – 5.2%
Another winner of a sour here, this time of the blood orange & passion fruit variety. Hazy OJ (juice, not Simpson) in the glass, with heaps and heaps of fresh juice flavours. Super-soft mouthfeel for a crushable experience.

Superhero Sidekicks – 6.9%
A returning favourite from last year’s KCBC launch, Superhero Sidekicks. It’s just a super citrussy, juicy IPA backed with a balanced malt & some pine notes for maximum drinkability.

Tech Noir – 12%
Even Impier stout! Even impier stout! Even impier stout! The official beer description says this one pours “motor-oil thick” which is equal parts very American and very amazing sounding. Notes of chocolate, fudge, cacao & a touch of dark fruit. It’s got loads of oats & lactose in the brew, then conditioned on cacao and vanilla beans. DECADENT.

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