Whisky Lounge ‘The Glenlivet’ Thursday June 12th – 7.00pm

This next series of tastings is taking an in depth look into one of the Speyside’s iconic distilleries, Glenlivet.

THE Glenlivet was one of (if not the first) distillery to become officially licenced by the UK government in 1824. George Smith, the founder, famously would not travel without his pistol stuffed in the back of his ‘britches’, due to the threat of repercussions from those not happy with his decision to go ‘legit’.

Such was the reputation of the quality of spirit from Glenlivet that other distillers – some nowhere near the Livet – would name their whisky Glenlivet too, until a ruling forced them instead to attach Glenlivet’s name to that of their own distillery, such as Glen Moray-Glenlivet.  In fact, this is why Glenlivet sought and was granted sole right to call itself ‘The’ Glenlivet in 1880.

We will be tasting 6 whiskies up to and including the XXV (25 Year Old to you and I) at upwards of £200 a bottle. But most of all this is a fantastic chance to taste a truly historical Spey distillery’s range in isolation whilst learning all about it.

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