Whisky Or Whiskey? Thursday April 3rd 2014, 7.00pm, The Cross Keys



Whisky Or Whiskey?

Thursday April 3rd 2014, 7.00pm – Click Here For Tickets

‘The Irish invented it, the Scottish perfected it’. This is the classic quote that has been bandied around the industry for many years. But who really makes the best whisk(e)y??? Well that’s what this series is all about, but before anyone makes any rash decisions, we’ll be weighing up the facts while blind tasting three of each nations finest.

Now, most whiskies of the world are shrouded in whiskey myth, but Ireland’s is laid on thicker than most. So while we’re here lets just quickly knock two of these falsities straight out of the park….

1) Irish whiskey is all triple distilled – FALSE

2) Irish whiskies are all un-peated – FALSE

This is just the tip of the iceberg as jaw-dropping whisky and whiskey facts will be coming thick and fast during this tasting. As we explore the differences and the histories of these two distilling giants, we’ll also be answering the question on everyone’s lips…

‘Why do the Irish spell whiskey with an e???’

As with all our ‘Vs’ tastings the six whiskies being tasted will be served up blind. We do this to level the playing field and give each nation and whisky a fair and fighting chance to win your vote. Only at the end of the tasting will each whisky be revealed and the winner decided.

As always each tasting is designed to be fun and enjoyable for all levels of whisky drinker, and is not a lecture. You will almost certainly learn something new every time, but if you don’t walk out with a smile on your face then there we have done something wrong!

This tasting starts at 7.00pm and will finish around 9pm

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